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Puerto de San Juan

Hello to you, my fab reader! How was your weekend? Hope you had time to bond with your fambam, because I had a great time with them. We got a day to be together, and we spent it at Puerto de San Juan. This beach resort was located at San Juan, La Union. It's just a two and a half hour drive from Tarlac. Let me share to you some breathtaking photos.

Beauty of the North

Hi guys! So this is my first time to post for a blog. Since 2013 I've been planning to create a blog. Finally, the long wait is over. Let's now go to the main topic.

We've been to Ilocos region, 2 weeks ago, I know it's too late for me to post this, but let me share to you my experiences. It's a very long drive, we've been on the road for almost 9 hours. But it's really worth it 'cause you've got time to appreciate our beautiful surroundings and the beauty of the past.

Day 1