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A Princess's Thought

Disclaimer: I do not have the intention to copy this image, with due respect to the owner, I redo this painting from a black and white portrait to this one. 

I interpret this painting to a girl being treated as a princess. Every girl once dreamed of being a princess and I am one of them, because for me, a princess is gentle, generous, compassionate, and being respected. Of course, I want to possess all the mentioned characteristics, though princesses are not perfect. Lastly, the symbolism of galaxy in this painting are the aspirations that the girl in the painting wants to attain someday, that her thoughts is focused on the goals she have and that one day, despite of the chaotic situations that are around her, she will be able to make it with the help of her determination.

PS: I am not a painter and this is just a school requirement.

© Credits to the owner of the original photo that I used as my guide for this painting.

All the love, Sab 😘


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