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What I Got for Back to School?

How are you guys? Its been a month since I posted something. I know that some of us is now stressed thinking about going back to school but some are too eager to go back (because of allowance). So I have this idea for you about what I got for school. I hope that the following items that I'm going to show will help you for the whole school year

School Planner -- this will help you for your To-Do's, requirements, school activities and others.

Post Its -- for reminders

Reminder Notebook

Notebooks -- for taking down notes.


Envelope -- to secure all your important school files.

Of course Ballpens, Pencils, Marker and Highlighter is a must have.

That's all for my "what i got for back to school?" Hope you got ideas for you to have an organized school year. 

Stay fab! ♥


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